as the day draws to it’s close and i draw balance of it’s adventures, i come to the conclusion it really has been a manic monday – i should have gotten up early to get some work done, but really just wanted to stay in bed, especially since i forgot to change the timer on my heater from weekend to monday morning and my apartment was frightfully cold – i then ventured to find myself some work and bitterly failed not once, but twice – fie! shame! tut! – lunch was great and the blueberry muffin i had for desert turned out to be the highlight of my day – the afternoon went by in a flash and then i had to go to rehearsal and present costumes, i don’t have yet – how am i supposed to get summer clothes in winter just like that? – i can’t snap my fingers and they’re there, even i have to order online or go browsing in shops – well, let’s hope tuesday is a little better and until then cherish the 80’s and one of my favourite songs ever