after my senior citizen christmas – three over seventy, two around fifty and little mid-twenty me, leading to an age average of sixty – we excelled at eating, sleeping and telling stories of long forgotten past events – it is now time for a tweeny new year’s – tweenies are the years between teens and twens and i’ll be spending new year’s with five others, all younger than myself – i am kind of scared, but it’ll still be fun – we’ll most likely be discussing our outfits, our weight and guys – ah well, it could be worse and really, life’s not all that different from five years ago – i’m none the wiser in respect to guys – i might be a little nonchalant about my weight and ever so much more stylish in my outfits, but either i never change or guys never do – those troubles are still the same as ever and will probably be for life – so, here’s to new year’s eve and a splendid new year ahead of us