pity to be working on such a pretty day – and a saturday to boot – but ever since a huge disastrous discussion this previous week, work seems a lot less dramatic and stressful – and ever since last night and a very charming incident during my nightly shopping spree for groceries, life seems even better – all’s forgiven and forgotten and i can smile again without restraint

now, i do have to work, so i will edit this a little later on

lunch time – i am having myself a little break, a sandwich and a cappuccino – but i am being watched, by a pair of brown puppy dog eyes, who beg me to stop working and go for a walk down by the riverside – sigh, i want to, i really do – but work comes first…

oh, already at home – the last hours went by in a jiffy – and now i not only made some money, have the satisfying feeling of having served happy customers and sold manifold stuff, swept the floor, while dancing around to loud music, and made a dog happy, but also, i have a date – a knitting date for next saturday with my newly acquired knitting student – how adorable is that? – well, i shall find out a week from today