it is 7:30 am in germany and i have been awake all night – by now, i am not sure if my excitement is due to the high amount of caffeine or the exceptional, wonderful, somehownot yet quite believable outcome of the presidential election in the united states – in years to come i can proudly tell, how i spent this historic event – i was helping to organize an election party with the democrats abroad at the english department in göttingen – we served food and drinks, but the early morning hours were spent intently watching and waiting for new projections – totally exciting and then, we had hardly expected it so soon, due to the impossible american coverage, where the essentials are left out to report people’s statements and endlessly repeat unchanged projections, mccain’s concession

amazing, america’s next president will not only be writing history by being a black man – he is actually a man with visions, a man, who will not simply be a puppet and let others lead, but who is not afraid to tackle a problem and sort it out – his speech was amazing – the true genius of america is indeed change – it is the true genius of human kindm but america has once again proven, that it indeed is the land of unlimited possibilities – anything can happen and the most unlikely candidate can become president because the people want to – when obama said: “america, we are better than the last eight years”, he was right and it is now upon him to prove so and to lead the united states of america into a new era

i am excited – american history was written anew just now – i still cannot quite grasp it and might be rambling, but i wanted to get this out right now, right this very moment, when excitement and fatigue are nearly cancelling each other out and the only important thing is this unbelievable happy feeling, that the world has changed today – a little bit, but for the better, that much can already be said

ps: need i even say, that i am incredibly jealous of all my american friends, who could actually vote and thus be part of this so much more than me, who simply watched from the sidelines?