mystery of the missing pillowcase – last night i put freh sheets on my bed – nothing out of the usual there – but in the end, i wanted to exchange one blue pillowcase with a fresh one – i had taken it out with the other bedding stuff, but suddenly i could not find it anymore – today, twenty-four hours later, still no sign of that particular blue pillowcase – this is so strange – i’ve serached my whole apartment – it simply is not here – i woke up during my afternoon nap, filled with horror – where’s the pillowcase? – i cooked dinner, and inbetween heating the water and putting the dirty dishes in the sink and peeling potatoes, dashed through my apartment, in the hope of finding it – hoping to catch it out of hiding by surprise – ahhhh, i am scared – i’ve been missing other stuff as well lately – is my apartment slowly turning into some kind of bermuda triangle?