people and things, themes and ideas tumbled around in my various dreams last night – a colorful mixture of comedy, romance, tragedy and action – i can hardly remember anything – only … i was shopping for gloves and found the perfect ones – this morning i woke up and had to hurry to work – it was freezing and i didn’t have any gloves, let alone the perfect ones from my dream – i got to work with bright red hands and disaster took it’s course

i am currently sending out 3032 catalogues: putting catalogue into envelope, adding letter, closing envelope, stamping envelope, packing it into a box – it seems to take forever – i finished 200 yesterday and came to work today to find that the letter had a major misprint!!! – we wouldn’t send it out again, but we had to find a way to figure out, which 200 of the 3032 addressees had already gotten theirs in order not to double send it – complete confusion, which ended up in my spending 2 hours trying to figure it out and another 3 hours packing catalogues into envelopes – orange catalogues! – i don’t like orange anymore!!!