didn’t i tell you? – things got ever so much better and today i am on that happy cloud again – i will be dr caro some day tangibly closer – today i talked to the professor, who is to supervise the project and it was exactly as great as i hoped it would be – no, even better – a kick-ass topic, which will take me back to the world of books and finding half a sentence in an article that leads to a new conclusion and more reading and digging – oh, how i missed the library and a topic to occupy my mind with night and day! – i want that p.hd. for myself and i want to write about something that makes me look forward to reading, writing and thinking about it everyday – i want to do something i am passionate about and books are really the only thing i would miss most if i had to give them up – so i will write a dissertation on literary geography and put all my energy and enthusiam in it and just be busy being fabulous