dadabndabnduah – my heart is making dubndidu – lyrics from my new favorite song – man of devotion by fool’s garden – dadabndabnduah – that just summons up everything – life’s on track and even the weather is great – cold and sunshine, my absolute favourite – dadabndabnduah – i can’t wait for the leaves to turn bright and start falling and whirling in the wind and for the fall storms that howl around the house, while i am snugly inside, sipping hot cocoa and reading exciting books – dadabndabnduah

dadabndabnduah- just three more days till the new eragon book comes out – brisingr – the perfect reading for a stormy night and i’ve got a gift coupon for my favorite book store, so i simply have to go and pick up the book – dadabndabnduah

dadabndabnduah – i finally got lights on my bike again and it’s all winter safe now – i can drive through puddles and on ice (maybe not quite so;), but i can drive at night! – dadabndabnduah