this is the story of my quest for a chocolate croissant – a two-day quest – this croissant is heavenly – mostly chocolate, a little croissant and topped off with a dash of icing suger – simply devine! – my day yesterday started with turned off water, so i couldn’t shower, wash my hair and leave in time for work – being late, my croissant was history for that day – today then was the day of the chocolate croissant – i would get one no matter what – first stop: bakery at the corner – ten minute wait, while an immensly large lady ordered cake enough to feed not only herself, but also her entire apartment building – then, to my great disappointment, no more chocolate croissant – next stop: next bakery, down a couple of blocks – oh, yes, there it is – the last croissant – but someone else is in line in front of me – i am praying, i am hoping, i am dying – then, my turn – yes, yes, yes, double, triple, quadruble yes – it’s mine – my very own heavenly, chocolaty croissant!! – and nothing, not even annoying customers or bothersome guys, that happen to work here as well, can keep me from enjoying it and savouring it’s rich and chocolatey flavor to the fullest possible extend