i recently finished my master’s degree – that involved one written exam, two oral ones and a thesis – i did well in all of them, in some real great, in others still good – but i never really expected the final grade to be so exceptionally great – a 1,3 (only a 1,0 is better than that!!) – when i held my diploma in my hands today, i felt incredibly happy – those moments were like walking in sunshine, on clouds and at least ten centimetres above ground – i celebrated with a german speciality, called sanfter engel – champagne, orange-juice, vanilla ice-cream and white chocolate sprinkles, courteously provided by my favorite work co-worker, whom i will adopt as my older brother from now on – as the happiness wears off and i end the day, i look forward to tomorrow – i am now officially a magistra artium and the only thing that is yet to come is a phd because dr caro just sounds too great not to do it