while i was living in california i spent a couple of days with this girl in san jose. i had met her in one of my classes. besides our mutual passion for photography and a weak moment, when i had shared a great secret with her – a crush on a guy, something that seemed ever so important at that time, i did not know her that well at all, but we had a wonderful time, checking out the winchester mystery house, going to the beach in santa cruz, getting cake at the cheesecake factory and driving up to oakland for a newcomer’s concert to see her favourite band: nural.

there were a total of maybe ten people at the concert, so we got to hang out with the bands. we fell in love with the music of this one: the umbrellas – totaly california – mellow, beachy, floating through the days and nights. i brought their debut cd with me to germany and whenever i listen to the melancholic sound of gone by summer days, i just want to get on board a plane and fly away to the beach and the lights of a city by the bay.